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Author :  Andrew Walker

 Starve your eyes…

In a world where we have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. there is way more temptation that we as men have to fight. We are men that get intrigued by what we see. For example King David seeing Bathsheba. He called to get her and committed adultery, EVEN when he knew she was married to a man that was fighting in the war for HIM! So with having these social media outlets, we need to be mindful of the pictures we “like” and videos that we watch. Lust can grow in our hearts and before you know it, you might be sliding in someone’s DMs. I know you can’t really control what other people post but you can tell how “crazy” they are by their posts in the past. Lol, I’m sure we’ve all trolled someone’s page before befriending or adding someone on Facebook. With that being said, be mindful of who you connect with on social media.


Another practical practice that can keep you accountable is giving your wife/significant other access to your passwords. Now that’s a touchy topic, because some of us might say that’s going too far and you need SOME privacy. But knowing that he/she could be looking, might help keep you from straying. If you need it…just as an extra precaution.

Birds of a feather…

Hanging out with other like-minded couples is another good idea. I would just be careful of doing the group thing too much because by nature, some people tend to be competitive and couples may subliminally compete with one another or even argue due to the lack of PDA in front of everyone else. I’m sure you’ve been on a group date and felt the pressure of putting your arm around your girl because the other male had his arm around his girl . And you know if you don’t do it, it’ll seem like you aren’t in as much love as the other couples. That’s why I suggest limiting the group things. Do them! But not ALL the time.


See the bigger picture…

If you find yourself in a potentially compromising situation, you have to see the bigger picture. Often times I joke with my friends and we talk about the fact that when we are single, NOBODY wants to holla at you. But as soon as you find someone and they like you back, all of a sudden it seems as if everyone that you were interested in before, starts to come around. It’s the same way being married (for the most part). The thing is, temptation will always be there. But you have to look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself: Is it worth going back on your vows? What would your children and family think? And most of all what would God say? So looking at the grand scheme of things will put things back into perspective to help you combat temptation.

Greener pastures?…

There’s a saying that the grass may not be greener on the other side. Now if the grass does look greener on the other side, WATER YOUR SIDE!!!! Do things with your wife/significant other that you like to do. Make your relationship fun for yourselves. Continue to date and impress your wife and watch your side of the grass (Wife) grow.







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  1. This is an awesome blog topic. These safeguards to maintain fidelity in marriage and tips to keep things spiced for a long time to come are very good but I feel like these things must start in the mind first. I feel as though the most important thing a man must preserve is his integrity. He has to remember why he chose the woman he is with. I know a lot of guys who are married today and they spend LESS time on social media than they did when they were single. We tend to forget that marriage is a ministry so we cant afford to mishandle that because that is not only a blessing but a responsibility.

  2. Great advice Andrew!

  3. My brother , this is awesome !!!! So many good points to help .. guys definitely need to read this …


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