Everlasting Love Through Seasons of Change

When me and my Wife found out we were having a child, we were very happy. The news has already changed us tremendously. As a man I have obtained a huge burden of responsibility that I have never had before. My purpose in life seems so much deeper than it has ever been.  The news has also burdened me and my wife to strengthen our marriage as well. I imagine this will be the fastest I will ever fall in love with a person, as soon as I see the little person, in record time I will love him/her.  I would argue that I already do.  I remember how my parents loved me through my development, when I was a toddler, in elementary school, middle school, high-school, college and now in my late 20’s. The way my mom and dad loved their children is the same way I am going to love my children the same. Thinking on this, God dropped this little nugget into my life regarding my marriage.

The lady you take as your wife is going to go through changes, wishful thinking would suggest that she will go through positive changes, but that’s not always the case. Life experiences will change us, sometimes for better, but sometimes worst. The question you need to answer for yourself is this: can you love her through the changes? Can you love her through her victories and defeats? Can you love her if tragedy strikes and it seems like she is a completely different person? Can you love her if sickness comes? Can you love her when God uses her?  When he makes mistakes can you love him? Can you love him when money is funny? Can you love him/her through growth?

Yes newlywed, your wife/husband will go through changes as he/she grows. If you married “young”, trust and believe that the woman/man who you married at 21 will not be the same woman/man at 42 or 64. You will play a huge part in your mate’s development. Always cover your spouse in prayer, love them through the good and bad. Areas that you are stronger in, help your spouse; let your spouse help you in areas you are weaker in.  I always find it interesting how God calls us to be so intimate and close with our wives and to become one with them, this is interesting to me because we are not the same genetically, meaning a close relationship is guaranteed to take work. What I mean is this, look at your children, they share some of your DNA, they look like you, they come from you, and your kids truly are made up of 50% mom 50% Dad. This makes us instantly connected to our kids.  Our spouse does not share our DNA, but God requires this relationship of husband and wife to be paramount and priority in our life, a true team. God requires us to love our spouse through their changes just like we love our children through theirs. Oh, what a challenge we have! Challenge yourselves to love your spouse through the changes, because God loves you with an everlasting love!

6 thoughts on “Everlasting Love Through Seasons of Change”

  1. First off, I am very excited that you are becoming a father and I know God will enable to excel not only as a father but also in many other things that God has planned for you. I think the most important thing that I have gotten from this is to be driven to love your spouse as much as Christ loves the church. I feel like your relationship with Him first will reflect how you treat your husband/wife. He will impart into you the qualities that are needed for a man or woman to excel as a spouse. We just got to tap into His presence and let Him change us. I know that after everything I have been through in life, I desire to be a great husband and dad, and I know God will equip me to do so.

  2. Again Travis Epps you have wisdom beyond your years. We are to love one another unconditionally. The scripture commands the husband to love his wife as Christ love the church and gave himself for it. Men must know that when you love your wife like this she will automatically respond and love you back. Love begets love.

  3. Son your message is very powerful and intuitive, these words make me so proud of the man that you are becoming. I love the fact that you are putting yourself out there, and maybe your message will be insightful for someone that need inspiring. Keep them coming son I really enjoy reading your blog.

  4. I love how you adore your wife and how you both try to work together. Keep building and stay true to each other, I feel the love. Lissi

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