Below is one of my favorite scriptures. Curious to know your thoughts. Is this a scripture that you were aware of when you got married or engaged? if so did you apply it?  If you are single is this something that you will want to apply to your marriage?  overall what is your take on this verse ? please leave a comment below!

Deuteronomy 24:5

“When a man hath taken a new wife, he shall not go out to war, neither shall he be charged with any business: but he shall be free at home one year, and shall cheer up his wife which he hath taken.”

King James Version (KJV)

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  1. I actually was not aware of this particular scripture until you and I got married and you pointed it out to me. I feel that the scripture is very appropriate for marriage because it’s showing that God understands and views marriage as such a sacred Union in that the husband and wife becoming one is very crucial. It also points out to me how God sees quality time And cleaving as top priority when a husband and wife 1st become one. This shows me why husbands and wives should always put quality time with each other 1st before everything else. I would have loved to have you for our whole first year all to myself. That would have been awesome! Lol

  2. I never knew that Scripture was there. I’m not sure if I had applied it though, I needed to be at work but at the same time I’m able to enjoy my wife and marriage. I don’t know what it actually means though I’m a little stumped about this scripture lol

    1. It’s a tough one right bro?
      Is it possible in 2018?
      Seems like a man would have to have funds stored-up or crazy job security right?

  3. I’m not much of the religious type. However I do like this. This shows that building and investing time into your marriage should be just as important as having a job.

  4. This scripture is profound. I had no idea that it was in there. I have to say that I understand how the scripture shows that as men when we get married we have to be there for our wives. Not just as a protector and provider but as a friend. In this day and age I can see how it could be challenging. In Hebrew culture it was understood and written out in that the man was suppose to take that year to be with his new wife. But now, that we live in the fast pace of 2018 and have the financial need to work, it’s not easy. The way I imagine my future wife (Lord Bless her) and I will be hard at work trying to make a living and future together. Making time sounds hard in married life and sounds like something that’s needed. But I’m not sure about how it comes together. I wouldn’t know I’m not married yet haha.

  5. This scripture sent me into a deep thought & I’m single . I feel like it’s saying the first year is when you build the foundation .. when the bond of you two are still being formed . This help strengthen the notion of she is yours & you are hers . God is forming y’all to become one. The first year is critical. However, the way I imagine my future husband & I I don’t imagine him taking the year off .. I imagine him & I working hard trying to build our future & still enjoying our marriage as newly weds. But I’m single so .. I might be wrong lol.

  6. It is VERY important to have marriage counseling before you say I do. Greg and I sat one year with my pastor and the aforementioned scripture as well as roles and responsibilities were tackled…marriage seems to be the covering for sin and in some cases an escape and is entered into very hastily. Couples say “I do” without that time before the nuptial to actually see if this is really what God has in store for you. Even with a year’s worth of counseling, issues arose but I often think back to the basic activities and discussions that we had before we said “I do”.

    1. I definitely agree . We had counseling for two years before we said I do and we still currently have sessions. Thank you

  7. What I got from this scripture was that the first year of marriage is critical in knowing each other sexually. It means be intimate, have plenty of sex because after the kids, they will make sure that they block any attempt of having sex!!!

  8. This scripture is very interesting and one I feel is soo important for the first year of marriage. As a single person I have no experience, but based off what I heard it is important to spend time after engagement and during the first years of marriage to set a strong foundation! I definitely want to take premarital counseling so that me and my future spouse will be even more prepared. I feel that the first year of marriage is going to be one of the most interesting and challenging ones because both me and my future hubby will be new at it. However I feel that making time for your spouse is critical. I want to set traditions such as date nights once a month at least so that life doesn’t get in the way of me enjoying time with my future husband. I feel that when you are single and getting to know your spouse all you can think about is getting to the next phase, so when you are actually in it, it’s vital to take advantage of all the opportunities you have.

  9. I was aware of this scripture before marriage. It should be viewed in context of the ancient Jewish culture. However, it could be applicable in the 21st Century – be cognizant and wise concerning the outside commitments that you make during the first year of marriage.

  10. Never knew. But I totally agree take 1 year to learn, grow and enjoy each other. Not Necessarily spending 24/7 365 with each other but taking the year to only go out with each other, no social media posting or viewing. Taking that year to learn habits, likes,dislikes, learning how to communicate and resolves problems, learning how to make his moms fried chicken lol.

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