HIM – By Mercedees A. Bowman

Well just when I thought nobody liked me or just when I thought I would never be able to love again here comes my “HIM” .. for years I’ve been hurt by other guys and I just felt like giving up and not giving anybody else the chance to break my heart again .

I go to Christ Haven and we have a fellowship on every 5th Sunday where we went to various locations and fellowshipped with about 5-6 different churches and my”HIM” was a part of one of those churches.. I noticed “HIM” but honestly I wasn’t a fan nor did I pay “HIM” any mind. But he said he was interested in me for the longest and made previous attempts to try to talk to me. His mom is the one who told him to give it shot. So the one day he decided not come to 5th Sunday fellowship in 2015, I was there and our choir had to sing and I led the choir. His sister recorded us and posted it on Facebook. Next thing I know I saw a comment from him on the post asking about me and after that he slid in my dm’s(inbox ). I was so over talking, dating or even entertaining guys at this point. He’s the First guy I ever talked to that wanted to get to know me as a person and not just what I had to offer.. I still had my guard up, was giving him one word answers like hey, ok, good, nothing, and yes. In March 2015 I stopped playing hard to get and that is when he asked for my number. I told him “as long as you don’t get on my nerves we can text,” and he’s been getting on my nerves since then!!!.. My “HIM” was Ricky T Bowman..

We started texting and talking on the phone every day, all day and night . I started falling for Ricky. He was just too good to be true lol. My previous relationships we made it official right away or weeks later, but I guess because I played hard to get he made me wait for him to ask me to be his girlfriend 8 months later, on Nov 2nd 2015. He texted it to me and I sent it to my close friends and was hype like “ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!!” I started the hashtag #FutureBowmans .. We started talking about marriage and how we were going to spend the rest of our lives together and I just felt like it was all a dream.. He then moved from Coatesville to Philly to be closer to me and started going to Christ Haven with me.. We had ups and downs but our downs wasn’t between me and him it was the fact that we both weren’t working (due to me being injured at work and him just moving to Philly and having a fresh start), I lived with my god sister, and he lived with his dad, times where we couldn’t see each other and then I got the worst phone call ever! Ricky was arrested in Sept 2016! The worst three months of my life.. He spent our first year anniversary in jail!! Just when I thought things could get any worst I found out I was pregnant …… just kidding Lmboo we decided in our relationship that we wouldn’t be sexually intimate and we would wait on the lord!!! Ricky was then released from jail on house arrest for a couple weeks.. Last court date all charges dropped and I cried like a baby!! I didn’t have to see him in that ugly orange jumpsuit, talk to him on a recorded line and my conversations weren’t timed anymore!



A month later in December on Christmas Ricky surprisingly purchased me a promise ring and asked me to promise him that I’ll keep riding this wave with him FOREVER and of course I said I promise.

A year later December 31, Ricky asked me to be his wife and I SAID YES! It was one of the Best days of my life, family and friends were there and tears of joy rolled down my face and then we had some planning to do .. Planning a wedding and planning to move into our new home was soooo much work and we only have 8 months to do so.. In the midst of that we were going to Pre-Marital where we learned a lot about marriage and still learning!! Ricky and I got married August 25, 2018 and the vow in sickness and in Health had been the first vow we had to live and our first test.. I was rushed to the hospital with severe pains I could barely walk, lay, or sit..and Ricky my husband has been there for me every step of the way .. He helped me get dress, cooked for me , helped me walk, fed me, bathed me, rubbed where it hurt, went to the store at random times for me, prayed for me, encouraged me to get better and sooo on and until this day he is still doing so!!!


God has been in the middle of our relationship and I just know as long as he is that we would last forever! !! I thank God for all of our supporters and prayer warriors and those who have believed in us. And may god continue to bless our union!




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  1. This is a amazing! The love that you two have for one another is authentic and I Love that. I like how Ricky continued to pursue you even though you curved him ha-ha. and you stayed with each other no matter what, a true ride or die! an instant classic and amazing addition to my page, thanks for being a contributor!

  2. You know I’m over here tearing up like a baby!!!!! To watch y’all from the beginning to now, like I’ve told y’all before y’all are my favorite couple! Y’all love for one another is so pure and dope and I’m here for it allllll !!!!💙💙💙

  3. Sooo I definitely just shed tears reading this blog Mercedees! This is the first time I cried over someone’s blog besides my husband’s! This was sooo beautifully written and such a real, loving, funny, and authentic tribute to your Husband Ricky and to your marriage. I just love witnessing young marriages and true love blossom!! I Love you both! Thank you sooo much for sharing with us! God bless your marriage and thank you for putting the Lord first in your relationship. With God being at the center of your marriage, allowing His love to surround your love for each other will be the glue that keeps you together forever!! Keep loving each other! So proud of you both! 💖💖💖💖💖😘😘

  4. This was such a beautiful post!! ❤️ I’m so glad I was able to read about the history of one of my favorite couples! I’m so happy for you Mercedees and glad that God gave you a man that was different from all the others 🙌🏾. Your love story is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing 😊

  5. This is an awesome tribute of love 💕!
    I’m in tears 😭! Those other relationships didn’t work out because God had someone else in mind for you… your Him, Ricky! There will be trials and test but when you keep God first, He’ll see you thru them all. You both are one of my favorite Young-and-in-love couples and pray the your love is everlasting like the Fathers! Love you both to the moon 🌙 and back!
    #BowmanEverAfter, #loveMomTokey, #yallgavemethisname!, #Iloveit!

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